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Recommended VPS services – What is VPS and the advantages over shared hosting

Shared web hosting can have quite a few drawbacks, the most significant one is the performance which depending on the number of sites hosted together and the lack of flexibility to match server features according to your wishes. If your site is gaining surfers’ momentum or the page loading performance is no longer satisfactory, you will have the need to switch to a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

What is a VPS and how it’s different from shared hosting?

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a service that allocates some server resources (storage, memory, CPU) to a client. So a dedicated server (or an array of several servers together) is divided into several clients as virtual private servers, but, unlike shared hosting, the performance of each client on its own virtual server dosn’t affect its performance and also not to all those stored on the physical server itself. At least not in the same way that shared hosting sites are affected in a shared hosting so that a VPS can evaluate the expected performance and limit based on the package we purchase and if we need more resources we can upgrade accordingly.

In a shared hosting, the hosting company stores a large number of sites on one server and the meaning of the things you share the resources of the server with all its sites and performance will be accordingly. Another disadvantage to a shared hosting is the security. If a one of sites in a shared hosting has been hacked or attacked by hackers, your site is affected and you have nothing to do but rely on the hosting company.

Another security issue is the shared IP address. If one of the sites is spamming and blacklisted, your site may also be compromised, especially in search engine optimization. Technically there are also limitations that you can’t customize the server configuration because changing settings will affect all the sites stored on it.

For these reasons it’s highly recommended to host in shared hosting just image sites with little traffic on it. Sites with high traffic or those who want fast loading time or custom configuration of the server, need a virtual or dedicated server.

Benefits of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  • High performance – virtual server performance will be much higher than any shared storage or cloud storage package).
  • Security – A virtual storage server that is managed and maintained correctly will be more secure than shared storage servers that often do not get updates and use older versions of software.
  • You can increase and upgrade your server resources like storage, memory and processing quickly and easily by paying extra for the service you use. As opposed to a dedicated server that will require you to physically change and add hardware components as needed.
  • You are given more control over each component of software on your server, from choosing the operating system to management panel, PHP version, MySQL, etc.

All of the above is assuming that whoever manages and maintains the server has the appropriate knowledge and experience to do it. Without maintenance, the server is exposed to security vulnerabilities and will also suffer poor performance compared to an up-to-date and properly managed server.

Disadvantages of VPS

  • Requires knowledge and experience in managing and maintaining the server. Remember that the server itself is empty, you are the ones who choose the operating system and the other components of the software you want to install (admin panel, Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc).
  • A server that is not properly maintained will be a source of security vulnerabilities and poor performance or a complete disabling of all sites stored on it.
  • A managed virtual storage server will cost much more than a shared storage service.
  • Doesn’t include a management panel like cPanel and therefore is suitable for advanced users who know what they are doing. If you want to buy a licensed license fee, but again it is a budgetary question.
  • A general server problem, whether physical of in software level, will disable the entire server and you will not be able to control the situation until the server is returned to the air.

If you don’t have the knowledge and/or time needed to manage and maintain a VPS then it would be better for you to choose shared hosting for your site. For shared hosting services, I wrote a post comparing recommended shared hosting companies.

Which VPS to chose?

Web hosting companies offer a variety of Virtual Storage Servers (VPS) packages, which package will suit you? It depends on your requirements and what you are going to install on the server.

Typically, most services will offer sufficient traffic that can handle websites with hundreds of unique visits per day. The volume of the disk is also according to your requirements that the volume of the basic packages ranges from 10GB to 20GB. RAM will start at 512MB but I recommend purchasing a virtual server with at least 1GB of memory. Of course, the server specification depends on your requirements according to your use of the server.

Recommended VPS services

I reviewd some VPS services for you. Each service has its advantage and disadvantage even though the price remains relatively the same in most of the VPS services that I mentioned.


DigitalOcean is a hosting company that offers VPS packages. Their cheapest package is for $5 and includes 20GB SSD, 512MB RAM and 1TB of storage. It’s not recommended to use this package for production, but only for experimental development. Even though it can run a WordPress website or even several without a problem, better to extend the memomry to 1GB and leave some headroom for any case.

Their basic package that is suitable for setting up servers for production websites includes 30GB SSD, 1GB of RAM and 2 TB of traffic for only $10!

Sign up through this link and you can get $10 credit for your new account that will allow you to set up a basic Drupal for two free months.

Each VPS is called Droplet, and you can create several of them under one account. Each Droplet can be easily upgraded, for example, in case you need more resources or storage space. However, you can not downgrade if necessary and for that you need to close the server and delete it completely and then upload a backup or image to a new Droplet.

They have an excellent interface and it’s easy to use. They offer support via email or their website. Availability and reliability is high. Although it’s not always recommended to rely on backup, some users have claimed that their backup was deleted due to a failure or a technical problem that was in one of their servers.


Vultr is another storage company that offers virtual storage servers that includes servers in 14 different locations around the world. They have a package that starts at $ 2.50 but is an experimental development environment and should not be used for production. Their basic package includes 25GB SSD storage, 1024MB RAM and 1TB traffic for only $ 5 which is an excellent price compared to the return.

Additional VPS services

There are also other companies that offer packages of virtual private servers (VPS) including Linode, which is the competitor of the companies I mentioned above, but their registration process requires verification, of credit card although this is not the only company that requires it, they don’t allow to do it straight with PayPal.

By the way, the other companies may also require identification information such as a driver’s license or passport to verify your identity. But beyond verifying, their current interface is more complex compared to DigitalOcean. They seem to be working on a new interface now so we’ll wait and see what they’ll have to offer later on.

Managed VPS services

Some companies offer VPS that are managed for those who don’t have the time and knowledge to manage and maintain the server. There is an advantage of saving time but also a lack of flexibility and reliance on the management services company. The price will also be higher than the payment of an unmanaged VPS.



ServerPilot allows you to connect your virtual server to it and it will manage it based on PHP, MySQL, Nginx. With their interface you can add the websites you want to store on the server and they will take care of everything else including operating system updates, statistics and data, SSL certificate and more.

Through this link you can get $10 credit to your account that will allow you to use their free month’s service.

For a fee of $10 a month they offer full management services and also include free SSL certificates. The package does not depend on the storage size of the virtual server, you can order any package you want from DigitalOcean and work with ServerPilot for only $10 a month for each server.

Unlike other services like Cloudways that I will review later in the post, ServerPilot has the flexibility and allows root access. And that’s the advantage here, that everything is under your control. If you want to leave ServerPilot you can do so at any time. You are not dependent on them.

There are also some disadvantages, they do not have management tools for the database so you will need to install one yourself. The same applies to backups, you will need to manually perform or install a tool that does this.


Unlike ServerPilot, Cloudways offers the integrated package of VPS and its management service together. That means that there is no need to purchase the virtual server first, the whole service is offered in one place through one company. They currently work with DigitalOcean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Kyup.

Their advantage is that they manage everything for you under one roof and enable those who are less experienced and knowledgeable to set up a virtual private server and run a website on it.

Their prices are more expensive because they include their management fees. There are a number of drawbacks. Note that you trust one company, pay it to set up a virtual server for you in one of the companies I mentioned above, do not get root access to the server and all your reliance is that they do the work properly otherwise there will be no difference between it and shared hosting, it’s not in your hands.

In summary: Which service to choose?

I personally think that if you choose a virtual server it is best to be able to operate without relying on automated management services. The rule is that it will depend on third parties so you make the solution more complex when a problem or other problem can arise. As of this time, I will recommend choosing a virtual server on Digital Ocean that has a great interface and is easy to integrate with ServerPilot.

If you have already chosen to invest in a virtual storage server, you may want to consult a professional who understands this. I offer management and maintenance services for virtual storage servers as well as consulting and setting up these servers. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact me through the contact form on the website or through my Facebook.

If you are not sure what service or package will suit you, you are welcome to ask here by replying to the post and I will be happy to answer you.

Minimalism and focusing on what we really need

I’m a minimalist. Everyone has a different interpretation of minimalism, most will see it as a target for financial savings, while another have idealism to reduce consumption and human influence on nature, while there are some people that it means for them being homeless and living in a tent. Some people have taken it to extreme of miserliness and focusing on the pursuit of money. Since there is no specific definition or rules for minimalism but a great essence that perhaps some of those who defined themselves as such didn’t understand yet, I decided to share with you my dear readers what it means to be a minimalist for me.

Anything that limits our mobility, anything that limits our freedom to focus on things that matter to us is an unconscious nuisance. The less things you hold, the more time you will have to focus on the things (and people) you really want. The less things you have, the less you will need to protect. The less you have, the less you clean, the less you will fix and spent, not just money but precious time.

Prevent to have many things

It’s not always easy to give up things. Almost every adult person gain material things in his life, and most of them have emotional value, a thing that evokes memories or that was given by a close person, etc. This is why it’s also hard to part from them. But it starts with thinking about valuing what you have now and most of you don’t even know. Most of your possessions sit for years in dark places. The fact that you have stuff and you have feelings for them doesn’t mean that you appreciate them. You only think so, but in fact, in most cases, an average person who accumulates things neglects them for many years and doesn’t even remember what things he has and where.

Is a valuable things that will remain in your closet for years without use will help you? There is always thought that one day it will be necessary, but in fact it’s an erroneous thought and it’s possible to think of any item as such. All can be used. Extreme cases are agranos who think that every little thing can benefit them but it’s only an illusion. So does the average person, who thinks he has things that are useful to him and continues to store more and more over the years.

What is not minimalism – stinginess and childfree

There is no specific definition of minimalism, but I certainly would not agree with the definition of the line of thought of some people who have minimized the essence of minimalism in a strange and inconceivable way for me and decided that it’s necessary to “spread the word.” Giving up children (Voluntary childlessness) completely for the sake of financial savings? Instead of shampoo and soap to use lemon? And I’m sure people who are so dedicated in this also read my blog, so for those people, I have nothing against you but it’s important for me to open your eyes that for happier life by this thinking I doubt if you will ever reach. This is not the essence of minimalism for me and certainly not the pursuit of financial savings.

The pursuit of savings can lead the world to a major economic disaster. I have no statistics and I am not an economist, but simple logic thinking means that there must be interaction so the people can continue to exist. If there is a manufacturer then there must also be a consumer. If one of them is missing then the other can’t exist. There is no wisdom in preventing people from consuming products or making purchases. This isn’t a solution at all! If more and more people choose to do so, we will see here idle stingy people without family or children who don’t contribute or help anyone. Shall we call them focused on their own? Egoists? I can’t find a good word to use. But it’s a diaster.

This is not only common in Israel but also abroad, and I have asked many people and heard how they defined minimalism, and it seems that not everyone really understands the essence of it, but at least there is a significant part that understands, in the same line of thought of mine. But this doesn’t mean that cheap things are better, but rather the opposite, focusing on higher quality things that will usually be more expensive but will also last longer, which is the difference between stopping consumption and improving consumption, not preventing consumers from buying, but teaching them to buy better.

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean to go down in quality of life but to surpass it. The goal is not to give up things we loved or pleasures but to focus on those that are most important and useful. Targeting is important, even if in terms of resources we will have unlimited capital yet our time will be limited. So as we reduce focus on unnecessary things, we will have time (and perhaps more money) to deal with things we do. So need to start thinking about what makes us feel good, what is our focus on life.

To be a minimalist as a musician

For me, for example, this is the music that is part of my life and without it I see no point in life. A musical instrument is like a hand and a foot. It’s part of you when you’re a musician, I want to use a better word than “professional” because commercial or popular is not an indicator of anything, but a real musician, will invest all his money in a musical instrument. This is a basic need for all musicians, such as air for breathing and food and water, so to pay a musical instrument 10k dollars, the monetary value is nothing compared to the value of the instrument itself to the music created by the musician. And there are musicians like me who play a number of instruments so need them all so it’s a bit difficult to be a minimalist and I realized that for a musician it’s hard to be a minimalist because any real musician will never give up his music or instruments. Apart from musical instruments, there is also the recording and production equipment. Although there are musicians on the move but a musician must have a base, at least that’s how I feel as a musician, I have to have a quiet, orderly place with all the instruments and equipment I need.

I personally had quite a few musical instruments, including a number of rhymes, violins, saz, keyboards, clarinet, mandolin and more until I decided to quit some of them I didn’t played for a long time. The musical instrument I can never give up is the bouzouki. This is my main tool that accompanies me from a young age and with it I will continue all along.

There is no compromise in music, so a good musician needs the best instruments that produce the best sound and such instruments cost quite a bit of money ($$$$). And a real musician will not think of instruments as tools and certainly not think about the return of investment. Music should come from the heart and be true. So I think that if a musician is focusing on music he can quit the rest of the other things and focus and invest in everything related to his instruments and accompanying equipment.

Ecological and social aspects

Apart from being able to focus on the things we really love, as minimalists, we avoid being a consumer herd and buy non-essential goods for cheap products produced in Third World countries by workers who work hard under sub-conditions in various factories. We will focus on using existing objects for us or others across the production of other products. What should be avoided is a cheap productions since most of these products will be cheap and will not hold long.

In the past, people would buy expensive leather shoes and paint, repair and renovate them for many years. Today, they buy cheap shoes but throw and change every week. Think that the world’s population grows every day and where all these piles of garbage go. Using a good product that will last a long time and accompany each person is preferable to a disposable product that will go to the garbage after a short period and will force us to buy an alternative product that will not last longer than the previous one.

I would choose the phrase “one man’s trash, it’s gold to someone else.” Collecting is not agglomeration, when there is a collector who chooses to accumulate a collection of certain items, I see it as something beautiful and appreciative to speak. And there’s also something ecological about it, instead of throwing things that are out of use, you can preserve them as collectors. Everything is of course within the norm, and a line should be drawn between hobby and agglomeration as a disease.

Once you have extra capital you can help your friends or others who need it. Think how much the world can be better with each other’s mutual help. If many people will want to help each other in a crisis they will be able to do so even without much money. A person who can pay 1$ or $5 to someone else can help him a lot if there are more people who will join to contribute and help in same way.

Why should one person have a number of properties and homes? It’s enough for someone to have one house and he can contribute and help to others who need it. I am aware that this is not everyone’s line of thought and many will laugh at it but I think that humanity would be much better if there was cooperation and mutual help. We are talking about being human beings with heart and feeling and helping those who need it when it’s possible for us.

Less things, no more space

We have already seen the housing shortage in Israel that is still present. Many people assume they need a big house for all their things, neither couples nor families but singles people think not to see how a small house can accommodate all their possessions. Maybe you should focus on reducing things rather than thinking about more space and a bigger house.

Don’t see your house as a storage place but as a place to live. The more you can focus on yourself and things that do you good. People who have become minimalists feel blessed to themselves every day that they choose this way. They see how much they can now focus on things that are important to them than before. Fewer tasks and concerns are removed after they have done so.

Gain experiences, not things

Materilalistic items always have a substitute but not human life. So be sure to enjoy and accumulate experiences rather than accumulate material things, because these will not give you happiness. It’s just an illusion. The happiness you will find is from close people and family and the experiences you have accumulated during your life. Be sure to go on trips and enjoy and if you have a family is essential and important in life.

So how do you start being minimalists?

Check what you have. See if there are things that you have not used for a long time and you are not expected to us, which you can donate or sell. Avoid keeping things you don’t need. If it’s still usable products make sure that someone who needs them will use them.

It will not be easy for you to start separating from things that you have accumulated over the years, but there should be a beginning if that is your desire. There are certainly items that you have an emotional connection, especially those that you inherited, so think if you want to part with them. Start with things that you are sure you don’t use and move slowly to other items which are more difficult to separate from them.

Solve all the mess in the house. Minimalist’s house is neat and clean, not a house crammed with unnecessary pictures and ornaments. Stay organized and clean everywhere and highlight the things that matter to you, the ones you want your eyes to focus on.

The best SEO tool that is MUST for every website

One of the actions that every SEO promoter should do is a comprehensive keyword research for the business or website he is promoting. There are tools that will allow us to look the search volume of each keyword and see how it is priced and how difficult it will be to compete. One of the tools to do this is Google’s Keyword Tool, which provides additional keywords related to the search term we searched for but missing other data.

The best tool that is also MUST for each site promoter is SemRush, which can display detailed data beyond the Google Keyword Tool such as the current location of search results by site, competing sites and search words, comparison to previous periods and keyword locations by date, and more. You can get a detailed comparison by adding keywords or URLs to see how they appear in the search engine.

Another good thing about this tool is the ability to target demographic data for a specific search engine for example Google Israel, not global Google seach. This is one of the things that make the service particularly effective. From my experience, the tool works great with keywords in Hebrew and with Google Israel.

How to use the search tool

First you must create an account on the site. Registration is free through this link. Once you have registered and logged in to the site, enter your URL in the search field and click on “Organic Search” to view all the keywords that your site appear in the search engines. Please note that the demographics are set your target audience market destination located.

You can also use the tool for competing sites to test and see the keywords they appear on and compete with.

Why should you start using the tool now?

If you have not already done, It’s a MUST to use the tool if you consider yourself a site promoter or you own a website or blog. This is exactly the tool you need for a comprehensive keyword study that includes all the data needed for the SEO process in the search engines.

I would highly recommend upgrading to a PRO account and enjoying all the options offered by the service. This is a service that actually will actually bring potential for great website traffic if you know how to use it correctly.

Try the search tools now (sign up for free via the link):

Recommended Web Hosting Services – Based on my experience

Most of you are not sure in which web hosting service to choose and fail to reach that most of the recommendations over the internet are not based on a real review, they only have interest to refer you through their affiliate link, so the review is not reflecting the services offered. I also work with affiliate programs but I tend to make real recommendations and I will not recommend products or services to my visitors that I personally would not recommend to myself. In this post, I’ll give you a full overview based on my previous experience with those companies.

Disclaimer: The links to the web hosting services are affiliate links and I may receive comission if you chose to purchase one of those services.


HostGator is a web hosting company established in 2002 and located in Houston, Texas. In 2012 the company was sold and transferred to the ownership of the EIG Group. The company has hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide and millions of domains registered with them.

I have been working with them for several years now with some sites and I can say that their service is very reasonable for price and high server availability. The company offers unlimited storage and traffic but take into account that it’s just like in the cellular packages, nothing is really unlimited. Beyond that,if you will look in the company’s terms they have several clauses that allow them to block your account if there is an unusual deviation or unreasonable use of their storage services.

In terms of technical support, they have chat and it’s quick to reach to chat with the representative most of the time. If there are simple things to solve, the support representatives help on each problem and solve it at the same time, but recently I came across a number of representatives (from India, I suppose) who write in breakdown English and take them time to relocate the problem,.

There are problems that only their engineers can solve and it took them almost a month to fix the problem. So consider that, if you don’t have the technical knowledge and able to identify the problem and report to them exactly, in such cases sometimes you will simply be stuck or will encounter difficulty in front of them without being able to do anything about it.

Another disadvantage is the version of MySQL that is not updated on some of their shared hosting servers and there is no way to know it, it’s just luck if you fall on such a server. They basically say they’re gradually updating but don’t expect it to happen quickly.

Their Cloud packages are much more recommended than shared web hosting packages, you’ll see a significant difference between the server response times and they will also give the best value to your price. The standard web hosting packages start at $3.95. Cloud packages are offered from $4.99 a month. WordPress sites have special web hosting packages starting at $5.95 a month.

As with other web hosting companies, an annual commitment will reduce the price. Through the following link you can get up to 60% discount on their web hosting packages or a first month in only one cent in this link


GreenGeeks, as the name of the company, markets herself as the green web hosting company that is a leader in energy saving. The company’s server farm is operated by wind energy, perhaps it’snot a significant detail for everyone but it is certainly something that needs to be noted for those that care for energy efficiency and protecting the environment of large corporations and companies.

I was impressed by their technical support. The response in the chat was quick and it seems that the representatives there are professional. This is the thing I liked there. Their support via e-mail also gives the feeling of a small company that supports every customer, even though they have quite a few customers (about 30,000) and hundreds of thousands of websites that are hosted with them, according to their website.

At GreenGeeks, the average server response time was slower by 0.461 seconds than HostGator Cloud servers. Note that my comparison is to the cloud plan of HostGator and not to their shared hosting. Compared to HostGator shared hosting, it’s GreenGeeks that leads with a faster response time of about 0.246 seconds.

The price is only $3.95 a month via this link for an unlimited basic web hosting package and note that you can also host unlimited domains. This means that you can host as many sites as you want and again at a reasonable level that your account will not be blocked, take this into account. This is shared web hosting but they also have dedicated servers and dedicated storage packages for WordPress. Their storage package includes domain registration for life (will continue to renew as long as you keep hosting in them).


BlueHost was established in 2003. In 2010, it was acquired by the EIG group, yes, the same group that acquired HostGator. The company owns a large server farm in Utah, USA.

Although both BlueHost and HostGator have been purchased and owned by the EIG Group, they are working on different management teams as well as support representatives. From my work experience with them, I was very impressed with their technical support and storage services representatives. Here, too, I did not experience representatives from a third world country like HostGator.

Their shared storage packages start at $3.95 a month and include unlimited storage, but I found that the server response time was much slower than HostGator, and that’s their disadvantage. The price is also not so attractive compared to other web hosting companies.

But if you talk about their cloud storage services then my opinion is completely different. They recently renewed storage servers and remarkably fast response time. Through this link you can purchase a web hosting in the cloud starting at $5.95 per month.

One of the BlueHost advantage over other web hosting companies is security. They seem to have security tools and spam protection. Their web hosting service is recommended by WordPress officially.


DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies in existence since 1996 and is located in Los Angeles. DreamHost has been also officially selected by WordPress as one of the recommended web hosting companies.

DreamHost has over 400,000 active customers and stores over 1.5 million sites on its servers. One of the great advantages of their storage services is their high availability and they also undertake to compensate in the event of non availability. The server response time is also fast.

Their technical support is also good and you can chat with them with a support representative with a relatively quick response. They don’t have phone support but if the online support is good why need such?

The drawback or more correctly the significant consideration is the price but you will get a good web hosting service in return. The prices of their shared web hosting packages start at $ 9.95 per month for a year and $ 16,955 for WordPress-enabled cloud storage, a relatively high price compared to other web hosting companies, and the management panel is not cPanel and is built by the company.


SiteGround was established in 2004 and its head offices are in Bulgaria with more than 400 employees. The company has a server farm in 5 countries: the US, Holland, England, Italy and Singapore.

SiteGround uses SSD drives for its servers. The availability of their servers is high and also the page loading time with an average load time of 0.542 seconds. Another advantage is that all their web hosting packages are compatible with WordPress with access to SuperCacher, the cache they offer for WordPress that significantly improves the site’s load speed. There are also various security applications for your storage that will protect your site from attack and spam attacks.

Their support is also excellent. They have a meeting with excellent and patient support representatives with full transparency with whom they speak, and they are not representatives from a third world country. For new clients, they offer free transfer of the site from your previous web hosting service.

The price they offer is especially low for the service they give and starts at $3.95 a month for a shared web hosting package. Please note that they charge a setup fee of $14.95 if you choose the monthly route, so you shouldn’t do so. Another disadvantage of SiteGround is in the storage and traffic limit and if you exceed the quota of one of them you will be charged otherwise your account will be restricted or blocked. It’s very worthwhile to pay attention to this detail. From storage space you probably will not exceed (10 gigabytes in their basic course), but traffic should make the right consideration and correctly estimate the amount of traffic and traffic expected on your site.

Web hosting services that are less recommended

I also have bad experience with some web hosting companies. During my work I got to work with my client web hostings and one of them was in Godaddy, yes yes the known domain registrar. Maybe they’re cheap on domains but their interface storage is obsolete and incredibly slow. Not at all comfortable, at least until the last time I got to work with them. Their support was also very slow.

Another company is ByetHost, which operates on several different and strange domains, and it’s not really clear which ones belong to it and who they are. Some customers have been tempted for some reason and have purchased a “cheap” web hosting package, but availability and slowness are not worth it. Beyond the fact that the company is sending out bulk emails and all my attempts to remove myself from their terrible mailing list have been unsuccessful, which is annoying and I don’t like it.

In summary – What is the best web hosting service?

Just as in everything there is no unequivocal answer. There are companies that I could tell you not to approach but among the companies I recommended from the beginning of the post, everyone has the advantage or disadvantage according to your specific requirements. There are those who can experience a nightmare in one company and there are those who can be satisfied customers for many years. Sometimes it’s a matter of luck and sometimes it depends on you and the way you are able to understand the nature of the problem and the solution it needs.

The HostGator cloud package seems to offer the best value for it’s price, availability, server response time, unlimited storage and traffic (reasonable), free domain, cPanel management interface, and more. Their support is somewhat less supportive than other companies but still provides when necessary, at least for me.

If you choose shared storage, I will recommend GreenGeeks, which offer excellent service and great price. The response time of their servers is also extremely fast.

If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to comment and ask me.



One day you will dream about what you have now

What we don’t have yet, we can still achieve. But what we already have, we can still lose.

It’s certainly important to think ahead of your dreams and goals for the future but never forget to appreciate what you have today, maybe one day you may lose it. One day you will dream about what you had and no longer have. It may be your youth or health, lost love, close friend, parent, family member and more… and sometimes it can’t be avoided and can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

It’s never as bad as it seems

No matter what stage you live in and how much worse you think you have, you will always know that it can be even worse and you may not be in bad situation as you think. Perhaps your problems are solvable and even easy to solve.

If you think you are in the worst situation, you will not get anywhere and can only be worse than what you have now. Despair is stupidity and waste of time. That’s how I see it. Despair is the negative state to avoid.

Knowledge is power

What you can’t lose is wisdom and knowledge. Once you have some knowledge and skills you will not lose them even if you lose things physically. For example, even if I lose one of my musical instruments, I will not lose my playing skills and knowledge. I can always play on another instrument. Just as if a carpenter loses his tools, he will not lose his skills. Tools are universal.

I am very aware of the value and emotional significance of objects, perhaps even more than the average person. I appreciate antique items and know their value (emotional, not just financial) and I was a former collector until I lost almost everything, include some valuables I inherited, but if I think that the value is in the heart of a person and his head and not in his belongings.

While there is value to objects, but in front of human life they are worthless!

And yes, I can say that. Because I myself have lost a lot of things. Not just things, things with emotional value that can’t be bought with money. Make no mistake, I had value to everything and knew exactly what it was worth but I lost it and maybe not willingly nor did I get a return that was really worth the loss of it. So yes in a way it hurts and it was inevitable and maybe unexpected but if it’s the coping of it and the thought gives more value to life because what really worth is health, knowledge, freedom. These things should have their value, to us, as human beings.

Soon I will write a post about minimalism and what I think about it. But this post is actually a looks opposite, maybe I would define it as “pre-minimalism”. Appreciate what you have. A lot of people are thinking a lot about how they can’t buy something they have in the future but they don’t think about what they have now. And even if there is nothing, there is health? Thank God! Because it’s a good start, not something everyone has and some others have to pay a lot of money to live so you already got something in hand, intangible, but the fact that you are living and healthy is already a great advantage for you.

Think about what you have now, not what you will achieve in the future

Appreciation is important. If you are afraid to lose what you have now then it means that you really appreciate it and it will not make you worry about how you will get what you can’t achieve in the future. Not everyone has what they want but most people have what they need. And these should be assessed.

Our need, just like we eat and drink, then we need food and drink, so if we are musicians then we need musical instruments because it’s impossible without them and professional musicians need the best musical instruments that sounds good, so paying $7,000 or more for musical instruments is not much, They do and that’s what they need and in my opinion it’s not an investment or a tool, it’s a basic need for me, and if that’s what you need then the monetary value will be eliminated compared to the value of the tool itself. But to spend on expensive cars, is not something that should or must for a musician, who said you should drive an expensive car? Got a Mercedes? Or to live in a luxury estate or a luxury tower … These are precisely the things that need to be understood in terms of values.

The thought of what you don’t own destroys the appreciation of what you currently have. Remember that. Sure you have more than you think, only you do not know it. And that’s one of the best advice you can get from me as a human being.

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Planning vacation? Book flights and hotel yourself and save a lot of money!

Most of you will go on a vacation this summer and will do it through a travel agency. Have you thought why not do it yourself? If you have not done it yet, remove your fears and organize your next vacation abroad alone!

In the past, it was necessary to do this process through the travel agencies because it was more difficult to organize the trip and book the hotel and flights. The data was on the computers of the travel agnecy and the only way was to physically reach the company or call them to get the speicific data you wanted. But today the situation is different and this information is accessible to everyone, you can find information about the destination and then the appropriate hotel, the flight time and also choose the seat in the plane … Do you understand how much has changed?

Companies and travel agents that offer various vacation packages include the commission in their price. But if you pay attention to differece of price you can save on any vacation you will always want to plan your vacation independently.

Who is eligible to book a vacation independently (and who doesn’t)

If you are interested in a vacation without a tour guide, if you are one of those who know how to organize yourself and don’t seek to stay with a group of travelers and prefer to plan your trip independently according to what you want then it’s better for you to book the vacation yourself, without the need for a travel agency. You don’t need a travel agency if you can plan the trip yourself and you know how to check your destinations and which hotel you will choose to vacation.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a vacation with a group or a tour guide, including a pick up from the airport to the hotel and all the other things that the tourism company will add to you and saving your time of checking then you probably will find it easier to organize your trip in a travel agency than do it independently.

How to make hotel and flights reservations via the Internet

You can book your flights and hotel directly from the internet, without leaving home. One of the populars booking websites is that contains many hotels in any destination with the possibility of viewing guest reviews. You can get the best prices at any time.

To book on the website you need to have an international credit card. In most cases you are also given the option of canceling (until a certain time) the hotel’s reservation without cancellation fees. You have the flexibility to choose which hotel you want and at what date you want and you can also take your time to decide and think how much you want in your home, you don’t have to rush to do as you will do in a travel agency offices and under the pressure of their agents.

Flights can be ordered from the websites of the leading airlines companies.

What details to pay attention to when booking a hotel

Once you have found hotel in a suitable location at your destination, and it match your requirements and you read the guset reviews, I will also recommend that you have the option to cancel the reservation if necessary.

In most of the time, offers this for free, but not to all hotels and not all the time. For example, during holidays and when there is a great demand for hotels, the prices will be high and there will also be cancellation fees that will prevent hotels from missing the order.

To book at the last minute or a short period before your vacation?

Depending on your choice, it may be worthwhile to wait for the last minute when booking the hotel but it’s not always recommended in terms of planning, you may be stuck with a high prices for some reason.

Sometimes you can benefit from this and the hotels who don’t have full occupancy will offer the canceled room bookings at discounted rates. But in the case of an holiday, a pre-order of a few months before will give a better price over a reservation at the last minute.

So what are you waiting for? Planning a vacation? See the top hotels at your destination