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5 Recommended Plugins for WordPress


The great thing about WordPress platform is the plugins, extensions that can be added and add additional functionality that doesn’t exist by default in the system. The WordPress plugin repository currently contains more than 43,000 plugins. In this post I will recommend the 5 plugins that I include in almost every installation of WordPress Yoast SEO Yoast […]

The difference between to

In this post I will explain the difference between opening a blog or website in Wο to an self-hosted installation on a standalone server. I will explain the differences and the difference in terms of costs, benefits and disadvantages of each platform and how to choose what fits the requirements. Let’s start by comparison. is […]

WordPress now supports Google’s AMP to quicker loading of pages on mobile

Google has launched this week AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology for quick loading of pages on mobile. AMP is an open source project Google is a competitor to which version of Facebook Instant Articles. Behind the scenes, AMP simplifies the presentation of the page and actually draws only the necessary elements for content. In addition, Google retains the […]

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