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Yossi Aharon

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Professional Keyboard Arranger: KORG PA-700/1000, Yamaha PSR-S975/A3000 or Roland EA-7? There is winner!

Arranger Keyboards Review

In this post I will write a comprehensive review of the professional arranger keyboards of the three leading brands: KORG, Yamaha and Roland, following my own experience and recognition of almost all of the existing arranger keyboards in the market. In the post I will focus on four leading models: The PA700 and the PA1000 […]

Recommended VPS services – What is VPS and the advantages over shared hosting

אחסון אתרים

Shared web hosting can have quite a few drawbacks, the most significant one is the performance which depending on the number of sites hosted together and the lack of flexibility to match server features according to your wishes. If your site is gaining surfers’ momentum or the page loading performance is no longer satisfactory, you […]