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I hope that you’re enjoying from my website content and blog. As a musician and creator, it’s important to me that many people will be exposed to my work whether it is music or writing.

The pandemic has posed many challenges to creators and musicians like me who have been robbed of their livelihoods after performances and events were canceled due to various restrictions. The field of tourism in Greece, in which I work, was also affected by the plague and led to many losses in revenue.

The era of selling CDs and books can already be said to have passed from our world and now that everything is online, creators and musicians find it difficult to make a living from their works.

As a blogger who reviews and write posts and guides on various topics, maintaining the site and writing the content involves spending money and time that I invest. It would be nice to receive a modest tip from you that may not cover a significant portion of my expenses on this site but will be able to encourage and help me continue to create content for you.

With the “Buy me coffee” method, you can reward me with a small and modest amount equal to about a cup of coffee, as you would invite someone for coffee or a drink.

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Why to support me?

I like to make awareness through my videos for good causes such as environment and nature, animals, poverty and any good cause that will worth to mention.

I have idealism. I’m not a materialistic person, I can consider myself as a minimalist, I understand that life worth more than things and properties. I don’t have any dreams for any materialistic things besides my musical instruments and recording equipment but I have a dream to have a better world, full of kindness, love and happiness. For us and for the next generations.

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