Tiberias is a city of Israel, the holy land, full of history and the home of Sea of Galilee lake.

As someone who lives in Tiberias city for more than a decade, I’m familiar with the city and knows all areas well. On this page I will share and recommend places worth visiting and recommended hotels and beaches for visitors of the city.

I also created a Facebook group called “Secret Tiberias” which will deal with all what belong to Tiberias city and areas nearby include events and recommended places to visit. The group is targeted for English speakers, for both residents and tourists.

Recommended Hotels in Tiberias

The Scottish Hotel is one of the most luxurious and recommended hotels in the city. The hotel is built in an ancient building from the 19th century that used to be the first hospital in the city. In 1999 it was converted into an hotel and after a massive renovation the hotel opened in 2004.

Useful links and information

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