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My first post in the blog

Welcome to my website! This is the first post of my blog. My name is Yossi Aharon, I’m a professional web developer for more than 9 years and have extensive exeprience with WordPress platform. I have worked on hundreds of projects including promotional and commercial websites.

I’m also a musician and Greek bouzouki player. The owner and founder of Ha’Olam Ha’Yevani “The Greek World” (The Hebrew website: A website that contain a lot information about the Greek music, Greece and Cyprus. The website also include an online shop with variety of items from Greece.

I opened the blog to provide information and answer to common questions for my clients audience. The blog will focus mainly on WordPress platform, my expertise field, but I will write also about other subjects, the music I create, product reviews, movies and more.

You are invited to follow me on FacebookLinkedin, Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube channel.


Published by:

Yossi Aharon

Full Stack WordPress Developer; Musician, music arranger, singer, keyboardist and virtuoso Greek bouzouki player.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post include affiliate links from which I can earn a small commission but they will not affect the price of the product or service for you at all. I only advertise services or products that I am familiar with or have experience with.

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