5 Recommended Plugins for WordPress

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The great thing about WordPress platform is the plugins, extensions that can be added and add additional functionality that doesn’t exist by default in the system. The WordPress plugin repository currently contains more than 43,000 plugins.

In this post I will recommend the 5 plugins that I include in almost every installation of WordPress

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO (previously WordPress SEO by Yoast) is the best and most recommended plugin to optimize your WordPress website or blog to search engines. The plugin allows you to change the title and description of the post and include various recommendations to improve the content and text according to the target keyword you entered. In addition, it’s possible to create an XML sitemap and add breadcrumbs navigation.

Contact Form 7

Each website contains at least one contact form. Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to create and customize any form you like in easy and effective way.

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin designed to improve site performance and page loading time by configuring settings for your browser cache and compress pages and files to a minimum file size. Additionally, the plugin allows to load you content from other servers using Content Delivery Networks (CDN), the system creates copies of files on other servers and directs the visitor when he enters to the site to the fastest source content.

Wordfence Security

Beyond adding additional functionality to WordPress,it’s important to keep the system  secured and protected from bad network threats. Wordfence Security plugin allow you to do it. The plugin block attacks and give protection in real-time and can also block specific IP address and blocking of robots flooding the system.

Regenerate Thumbnails

For sure it happen to you once when you need to replace an image to another image or different size and the thumbnail image displayed on the site remains the same? This plugin solve the problem and regenerate the thumbnail again from the large image. Very useful.

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