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In response to Google’s AMP: Facebook launches WordPress plugin for Instant Articles

Facebook has launched a WordPress plugin for Instant Articles, a technology that enables quick loading of articles. This was the response to the AMP that Google launched AMP. WordPress plugin created in collaboration with the company Automattic, create an RSS feed that automatically optimizes posts and adds support for Instant Articles. The plugin also supports automatic play of videos (auto-play) and add an option for Tap to zoom photo gallery in the content of the article.

Automatic company last week released plugin to support the AMP technology of Google. Good that the company has chosen to work and support both technologies although still with a SEO plugin the support is not complete yet. There may be bugs that are expected as each release of a new plugin. I hope that the company will continue to update them and will continue to support both technologies.

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Yossi Aharon

Full Stack WordPress Developer; Musician, music arranger, singer, keyboardist and virtuoso Greek bouzouki player.


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