Planning vacation? Book flights and hotel yourself and save a lot of money!

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Most of you will go on a vacation this summer and will do it through a travel agency. Have you thought why not do it yourself? If you have not done it yet, remove your fears and organize your next vacation abroad alone!

In the past, it was necessary to do this process through the travel agencies because it was more difficult to organize the trip and book the hotel and flights. The data was on the computers of the travel agnecy and the only way was to physically reach the company or call them to get the speicific data you wanted. But today the situation is different and this information is accessible to everyone, you can find information about the destination and then the appropriate hotel, the flight time and also choose the seat in the plane … Do you understand how much has changed?

Companies and travel agents that offer various vacation packages include the commission in their price. But if you pay attention to differece of price you can save on any vacation you will always want to plan your vacation independently.

Who is eligible to book a vacation independently (and who doesn’t)

If you are interested in a vacation without a tour guide, if you are one of those who know how to organize yourself and don’t seek to stay with a group of travelers and prefer to plan your trip independently according to what you want then it’s better for you to book the vacation yourself, without the need for a travel agency. You don’t need a travel agency if you can plan the trip yourself and you know how to check your destinations and which hotel you will choose to vacation.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a vacation with a group or a tour guide, including a pick up from the airport to the hotel and all the other things that the tourism company will add to you and saving your time of checking then you probably will find it easier to organize your trip in a travel agency than do it independently.

How to make hotel and flights reservations via the Internet

You can book your flights and hotel directly from the internet, without leaving home. One of the populars booking websites is that contains many hotels in any destination with the possibility of viewing guest reviews. You can get the best prices at any time.

To book on the website you need to have an international credit card. In most cases you are also given the option of canceling (until a certain time) the hotel’s reservation without cancellation fees. You have the flexibility to choose which hotel you want and at what date you want and you can also take your time to decide and think how much you want in your home, you don’t have to rush to do as you will do in a travel agency offices and under the pressure of their agents.

Flights can be ordered from the websites of the leading airlines companies.

What details to pay attention to when booking a hotel

Once you have found hotel in a suitable location at your destination, and it match your requirements and you read the guset reviews, I will also recommend that you have the option to cancel the reservation if necessary.

In most of the time, offers this for free, but not to all hotels and not all the time. For example, during holidays and when there is a great demand for hotels, the prices will be high and there will also be cancellation fees that will prevent hotels from missing the order.

To book at the last minute or a short period before your vacation?

Depending on your choice, it may be worthwhile to wait for the last minute when booking the hotel but it’s not always recommended in terms of planning, you may be stuck with a high prices for some reason.

Sometimes you can benefit from this and the hotels who don’t have full occupancy will offer the canceled room bookings at discounted rates. But in the case of an holiday, a pre-order of a few months before will give a better price over a reservation at the last minute.

So what are you waiting for? Planning a vacation? See the top hotels at your destination

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