One day you will dream about what you have now

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What we don’t have yet, we can still achieve. But what we already have, we can still lose.

It’s certainly important to think ahead of your dreams and goals for the future but never forget to appreciate what you have today, maybe one day you may lose it. One day you will dream about what you had and no longer have. It may be your youth or health, lost love, close friend, parent, family member and more… and sometimes it can’t be avoided and can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

It’s never as bad as it seems

No matter what stage you live in and how much worse you think you have, you will always know that it can be even worse and you may not be in bad situation as you think. Perhaps your problems are solvable and even easy to solve.

If you think you are in the worst situation, you will not get anywhere and can only be worse than what you have now. Despair is stupidity and waste of time. That’s how I see it. Despair is the negative state to avoid.

Knowledge is power

What you can’t lose is wisdom and knowledge. Once you have some knowledge and skills you will not lose them even if you lose things physically. For example, even if I lose one of my musical instruments, I will not lose my playing skills and knowledge. I can always play on another instrument. Just as if a carpenter loses his tools, he will not lose his skills. Tools are universal.

I am very aware of the value and emotional significance of objects, perhaps even more than the average person. I appreciate antique items and know their value (emotional, not just financial) and I was a former collector until I lost almost everything, include some valuables I inherited, but if I think that the value is in the heart of a person and his head and not in his belongings.

While there is value to objects, but in front of human life they are worthless!

And yes, I can say that. Because I myself have lost a lot of things. Not just things, things with emotional value that can’t be bought with money. Make no mistake, I had value to everything and knew exactly what it was worth but I lost it and maybe not willingly nor did I get a return that was really worth the loss of it. So yes in a way it hurts and it was inevitable and maybe unexpected but if it’s the coping of it and the thought gives more value to life because what really worth is health, knowledge, freedom. These things should have their value, to us, as human beings.

Soon I will write a post about minimalism and what I think about it. But this post is actually a looks opposite, maybe I would define it as “pre-minimalism”. Appreciate what you have. A lot of people are thinking a lot about how they can’t buy something they have in the future but they don’t think about what they have now. And even if there is nothing, there is health? Thank God! Because it’s a good start, not something everyone has and some others have to pay a lot of money to live so you already got something in hand, intangible, but the fact that you are living and healthy is already a great advantage for you.

Think about what you have now, not what you will achieve in the future

Appreciation is important. If you are afraid to lose what you have now then it means that you really appreciate it and it will not make you worry about how you will get what you can’t achieve in the future. Not everyone has what they want but most people have what they need. And these should be assessed.

Our need, just like we eat and drink, then we need food and drink, so if we are musicians then we need musical instruments because it’s impossible without them and professional musicians need the best musical instruments that sounds good, so paying $7,000 or more for musical instruments is not much, They do and that’s what they need and in my opinion it’s not an investment or a tool, it’s a basic need for me, and if that’s what you need then the monetary value will be eliminated compared to the value of the tool itself. But to spend on expensive cars, is not something that should or must for a musician, who said you should drive an expensive car? Got a Mercedes? Or to live in a luxury estate or a luxury tower … These are precisely the things that need to be understood in terms of values.

The thought of what you don’t own destroys the appreciation of what you currently have. Remember that. Sure you have more than you think, only you do not know it. And that’s one of the best advice you can get from me as a human being.

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