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One of the basic decisions which constitute the basis for any website or blog is a web hosting server. The server is the foundation, like home for us, and has great importance for running our website, among other things with emphasizing page loading, bandwidth and storage space. In this post I will explain and compare between different web hosting plans for WordPress and give recommendations to several web hosting companies that I work with them now and I have worked in the past.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Server

Web hosting companies offer several hosting plans in a shared hosting or a dedicated server. How to choose what will suit to us? Shared hosting plan, as its name suggests, is a server that stores a large number of websites, at best hundreds of websites. This is the reason that the more the website is large with high traffic of visitors, it will be advised to choose a dedicated server, which means private server that doesn’t share its resources with other websites and is intended only to a specific site or number of your websites only.

Server requirements for WordPress

To run WordPress on the storage server to support the following requirements:

  • PHP version 5.6 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.6 or higher
  • Recommended Linux server Apache or Nginx based

Recommened Web Hosting Companies for WordPress

  • DreamHost – Recommended!

    DreamHost company is one of the recommended web hosting company in the field with fast servers with high high availability, great support and specification that include storage space and bandwidth without limit. There are shared hosting plans, dedicated servers and also plans that suit specially for WordPress. Click here for more information

  • BlueHost

    Bluehost is onf of the oldest companies in the field of web hosting and has been operating since 1996. The company offers a range of hosting packages ranging from dedicated servers that include management and maintenance for WordPress platform. The company ensures high availability. Click here for more details

      • HostGator

        HostGator is one of the oldest and largest web hosting providers in the world. They also beyond shared hosting plans and dedicated servers, they have specific plans for WordPress. Including security and optimization (cache for WordPress, etc). Click here for more information

      • GreenGeeks

        GreekGeeks’s flagship is a green web hosting with energy saving and environmentally friendly servers farm. Their server farm uses solar energy and wind energy to generate electrical power to the server farm. Storage is stable with high availability. They are also cheaper than other companies. There is a package that is optimized for WordPress. Click here for more details

      • SiteGround

        SiteGround offers variety of web hosting plans speficic for WordPress. The prices are attractive compared to others companies. Click here for more details

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  1. Nice article! Some of the hosts that you’ve mentioned are great.

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