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One of the actions that every SEO promoter should do is a comprehensive keyword research for the business or website he is promoting. There are tools that will allow us to look the search volume of each keyword and see how it is priced and how difficult it will be to compete. One of the tools to do this is Google’s Keyword Tool, which provides additional keywords related to the search term we searched for but missing other data.

The best tool that is also MUST for each site promoter is SemRush, which can display detailed data beyond the Google Keyword Tool such as the current location of search results by site, competing sites and search words, comparison to previous periods and keyword locations by date, and more. You can get a detailed comparison by adding keywords or URLs to see how they appear in the search engine.

Another good thing about this tool is the ability to target demographic data for a specific search engine for example Google Israel, not global Google seach. This is one of the things that make the service particularly effective. From my experience, the tool works great with keywords in Hebrew and with Google Israel.

How to use the search tool

First you must create an account on the site. Registration is free through this link. Once you have registered and logged in to the site, enter your URL in the search field and click on “Organic Search” to view all the keywords that your site appear in the search engines. Please note that the demographics are set your target audience market destination located.

You can also use the tool for competing sites to test and see the keywords they appear on and compete with.

Why should you start using the tool now?

If you have not already done, It’s a MUST to use the tool if you consider yourself a site promoter or you own a website or blog. This is exactly the tool you need for a comprehensive keyword study that includes all the data needed for the SEO process in the search engines.

I would highly recommend upgrading to a PRO account and enjoying all the options offered by the service. This is a service that actually will actually bring potential for great website traffic if you know how to use it correctly.

Try the search tools now (sign up for free via the link):

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